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A macroeconomic model database

The South African Modelling Network (SAMNet) is born from the idea of keeping South Africa apace with macroeconomic developments at the global level by pooling resources and connecting national policy and academic research with global trends.

SAMNet is spearheaded by the Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) with the functioning of the network based on three main pillars:

  • Model development: Promote the development of new modelling and forecasting tools to enrich the toolbox available to policy makers
  • Code sharing: Facilitate the sharing of model codes and provide a platform for economists interested in economic modelling to engage with each other on model development techniques
  • Training: Promote training opportunities with a focus on forecasting and modelling to set the standards on the use of models in policy analysis


The SAMNet code sharing project is a repository of macroeconomic models focusing primarily on the South Africa economy. By making these codes available to the mass, this project intends to make the replication of prominent works more feasible while at the same time facilitating and encouraging the comparison of models. An additional goal of the SAMNet sharing initiative is promotion of discussions among researchers is made simple by the set of forum.

The team

The team for this project is made of:
Prof Nicola Viegi
Head of Department of Economics at the University of Pretoria and the South A...
Dr Vincent Dadam
The corresponding person.

Prof Nicola Viegi

Head of Department of Economics at the University of Pretoria and the South African Reserve Bank Chair in Monetary Economics.

Dr Vincent Dadam

The corresponding person.


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