Computational General Equilibrium (CGE) Model

Computable general equilibrium (CGE) models are a class of economic models that use actual economic data to estimate how an economy might react to changes in policy, technology or other external factors. A CGE model consists of equations describing model variables and uses a detailed database consistent with these model equations. Using these neoclassical equations, optimal behaviour can be modelled. For example, we can assume cost-minimizing behaviour by producers, minimize average-cost pricing, and maximise welfare. Most CGE models conform only loosely to the theoretical general equilibrium paradigm.

Welcome to our Code Sharing page. The South African Modelling Network (SAMNET) is a platform that promotes the development and sharing of modelling and forecasting tools for the South African economy. Below is a list of relevant resources used in macroeconomic policy making. Resources include both papers on and coding for the most popular models used in macroeconomic modelling. We also invite you to get involved and share your code so we can support the research community.

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